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Utah State University [email protected] All Graduate Theses and Dissertations Graduate Studies 5-2008 A Field Programmable Gate Array Based Finite-Domain Constraint Photosynthesis light lab
performs a state space exploration of the model by starting from the specified initial state and applying available system stimulus in order to generate new system states. The control of the state exploration is described in section 3. The output produced by executing the test case generator is a rooted tree called the scenario tree.

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–(V S, 0, R) S. A. Seshia 8 Kripke Structure • Alternative way of representing closed finite-state models (S, S0, R, L) –S set of states –S0 set of initial states –R transition relation • must be total: for every state s, there exists state s’, s.t. R(s,s’) –L labeling function

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a state machine. The state of each process is comprised by its local variables and a set of arrays. For instance, for p 0, the state includes six arrays: inbuf 0[1], …, inbuf 0[3]: contain messages that have been sent to p 0by p 1, p 2and p 3, respectively, but p 0has not yet processed. outbuf 0[1], …, outbuf 0[3]: messages that have been ...

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Dynamic Vs. Static Character Definitions and Examples. All characters in a story are either dynamic or static. A static character is one who doesn't undergo any significant change in character, personality or perspective over the course of a story. A dynamic character, in contrast, undergoes a major transition in ...

Moment of inertia of a sphere with varying density Finite State Machines State Machine Models ... Figure 3-1: Trees describing the execution behavior of the processes in the connection establishment ...

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Currently, components can be generated by selecting two control flow options: sequential and based on a state-machine. Behavior-trees are a relatively new tool to define complex control flows for robots that are both modular and reactive. They are an alternative to State-Machines of widespread use in the video-games industry.

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Ögren and coworkers have shown that behavior trees generalize finite-state machines only with selector and sequence nodes (Ögren, 2012; Marzinotto et al., 2014). With parallel nodes, behavior trees are able to express individual behaviors that have no representation in classical finite-state machines.

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Behavior trees are similar to decision trees and state machines, but have important differences. Where a decision tree “drills down” from general to specific to reach a leaf, behavior trees are stateful, and move from leaf to leaf over time based on their current context.

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In the past decade, finite state machines (FSMs) have been used for the modeling of discrete event systems because of their inherent simplicity. Based on FMSs, Ramadge and Wonham [9, 10] and the work that followed analyze control problems in the framework of state machines. However, in other control problems where a large number of components ...

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The behavioral equivalence between two machines M 1 and M 2 can be proved by traversing the state- transition graph of the product machine 9dr 1 x M 2 [12]. The first techniques that have been proposed were

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